Monday, October 31, 2016

Boats Afloat

Oh dear, Captain Duck is here! Excitable and uninvited, Captain Duck takes over his friends' boating expedition, leaving behind the Goat, the host of the the trip, as well as a much needed can of petrol.

Following the funny adventures of Jez Alborough's duck, the children tried to float and race their various "boats" (a cup, a plastic ball, a plastic zip lock bag to name a few) though a small "river", by blowing at them through straws. It wasn't easy providing their own wind power, but even the little ones did not give up till they had crossed the finish line!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fall Colours

As the weather in Karachi gets cooler, thoughts and talk about the beautiful fall colours enjoyed by friends outside our country are shared. Today the Book Worms Book Clubbers enjoyed making their own fall coloured leaves to take home. Cut out on foam sheets, the children painted them orange, green, red, brown and yellow: the lovely colours of Autumn leaves.

Image result for percy the park keeper booksFollowing the painting activity, the children settled down to listen to a story about a group of animals and they Park keeper friend Percy. A raging storm not only blows of the colourful leaves off the tree, but uproots an entire tree.. the very tree which was the park animals home. In this disastrous time of need they ask their friend Percy, what to do? With a little ingenuity on his side and a lot of hard work on theirs, the Park inhabitants build themselves a bigger better home, Alhumdulillah!

Learning to Clean Up with Max

Children and mothers alike, giggled as they followed the story of big sister Rosie bunny guiding her little brother Max on how nest to clean up his bedroom. "A place for everything and everything in its place," goes the saying, and as Rosie organizes and tidies up, Max finds one single place to save all his valuables from her; his pocket!

Following the giggle-worthy story, the children were taught to make a paper box to keep their small valuables. Mash'Allah, they found it quick and easy and some of them went home made them for their their parents too.

You can make one too, just follow the link