Wednesday, April 7, 2010

11th meeting

Our today's story - "The Sloths Get a Pet" by Maribeth Boelts

Today we started out by talking about BEING LAZY. Yes, exactly! :) Umm Uzair asked us, if we liked to be lazy. Some hands went up, while others not. We talked, if it was good or bad to be lazy, and agreed that good Muslims should not be lazy, because then Shaitan can more easily find a way into our brain. We talked also about pets - those of us, who had (or had had) pets shared what it was like to have a pet, while those of us, who didn't have a pet, told, what kind of pet we would like to have. Vajih told us that he had a cat, for whom he had to care himself - clean his bathroom box and feed him. He agreed that although playing with cat was fun, caring for a pet is not an easy task. Uzair and Hafsa said they would like to have a cat in the home as well, while Isa and Muadh said they would like to have birds.

Today's story was about Sloths family - the laziest family ever. They loved to sleep, sleep, sleep. Father worked as a bed tester, mother worked as a night-gown model, while their kids loved at school the quiet reading time and the vide time, because during those times they could easily sleep in the classroom. The story told, how one day the Sloths decided to get a pet. They went to a pet store and got a little puppy. At first, when puppy was small, he slept a lot, and Sloths were happy about this 'perfect pet'. But once the puppy grew, he started to make mischiefs around the home - that Sloths didn't like at all. The Sloths were also lazy in caring for the puppy - they didn't pay much attention to him. One day, the puppy got lost, and they couldn't find him. They felt very sad. After a few days, the puppy returned and brought along with him a page torn out from a book about caring for pets. Sloths realized that they had been sloppy in caring for the puppy and agreed to change this - they accepted the puppy as a member of their family.

We all really enjoyed the book. Muadh liked the best the part, when they went to shop to buy the puppy. Uzair and Zainab liked the part, when puppy returned home. Vajih liked, how puppy was chewing all things at home. Hiba liked the part, when puppy got lost. Hafsa liked the part, when puppy brought the page of the book for the Sloths to read.

After reading, we made very nice little bags from coloured paper.