Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We're back!

Our summer + Ramadan break is over and the bookworms book club is back again, Alhamdulillah! We are happy to announce the starting of the new session for which many of you so eagerly have been waiting. To say the truth, even moms were eager to meet again, as nothing can refresh better the soul of a homeschooling mom than extensive talks with other homeschooling moms. :) 

Our today's reading: "How to be a Happy Hippo"by Jonathan Shipton

Before venturing into the book, the kids brainstormed ideas about the things (except sweets) that make them happy. It somehow turned out to be a general trend that most of kids loved to go or travel somewhere - and best if even to another country! Traveling by plane was also mentioned a few times. Thus, we can conclude that our bookworms do love to be on the go. :)

About the book: Horace Hippo has everything a hippo could want or need - well almost everything... Horace's dad is a very busy hippo, and Horace never gets to see him. So when Horace's dad promises to play with him one day, Horace waits all day and night. Finally, having become fed up waiting, Horace digs a hole, covers it with grass, and traps his father as he walks out in the morning. Horace's dad takes it all with good humor and the two then spend the entire day together! In fact, as we read the book, some mothers suggested that we should read this book for all the busy dads as well. :)

After the reading, the kids enjoyed their "social time" playing with their long-not-seen friends. Snacks was a welcome ending of the session, as usual.

From today on, we will be holding our book club sessions regularly again, Insha'Allah.