Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Being Thankful For What We Have

This week the Book Worm Book Club members were treated to a double feature: a book and a video.

The book was a story about a bird who had a single tail feather and was jealous of another bird who had two. Her jealously drove her to take drastic measures so she eventually attained several beautiful tail feathers, just as she wished, only to then realize the foolishness of her wish. The story indicates how we should be thankful for what Allah SWT has given us and that He has created us in a manner that is best for us.

The children were then taught a dua asking Allah SWT to help us make dzikr to Him, be thankful to Him and beautify our worship to Him.

Next the children were shown some videos about a man, Nick Vujicic who has no hands or feet but is living life as normally as he can. The children were amazed to see him swim, cook and even kick a ball. Umm Emaan then led a discussion regarding how Allah SWT shows mercy and helps all His creations even if they do not heed Him.

You can see these videos here :

Lastly, the children were asked to do some research regarding the Sahaba of the Prophet Muhammed SAW, who was handicapped but did not allow it to become an obstacle in his efforts to gain Allah's Pleasure. He was referred to in the Quraan and he would not complain about his handicap but used it to his advantage Masha'Allah. More about this Sahaba next week insha'Allah.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shakoo Kay Joothay (Shakoo's shoes)

Last week the Book Club members listened to an amusing story in Urdu (which was translated as it was being read). The story revolved around a rich but miserly man who refused to spend a single dinar to replace his old and worn out shoes, little realizing that the would eventually cost him his entire fortune. Everyone participated by trying to guess the fate of the ominous shoes as well as explain the meaning of some of the more tricky Urdu words. The children were later asked about what they learned from the story, answers varied from how money should be spent to not to throw things into lakes.

Armed with empty cereal boxes, scissors and a stapler, the mothers and children made paper slippers under Umm Uzair's direction. The kids enjoyed parading around the house with them on and even baby Warda had a pair for herself.

This book has been published by Ferozsons and is a fun read for children of all ages.