Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who is the strongest in the jungle?

Muadh the Hippo and Sohaib the elephant tugging away as Isa the turtle hides behind a rock
In today's book, a hippopotamus and an elephant pit the strength against the wits of a turtle. Some of the Book Worm Club members helped Atefa Aunty relate the story by enacting it for the group. After the story the mothers and children pitted their strength against each other in a game of tug of war!Alhumdulillah the story proved to be fun for all.

Muhammed the elephant uprooting a tree

Kids tugging away as mothers struggle at the other end!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Letters from the Past

The Book Worm Club met yesterday after a long break for Ramadan. The members were excited and glad to be together again though they missed their friends who have traveled outside the city for a few months. This feeling helped some of us relate to the little girl in the story who was missing her toy rabbit Felix.

Felix had somehow traveled into the past and was trying to find a way back to Sophie. He visited many civilizations of the past, starting from the Stone Age, through the Olympics of Greece, a Viking village, a Chinese Village and finally ending up in an American Indian settlement. Along the way he wrote letters to Sophie telling her about his adventures and his well being. She eagerly read them and find out more about places Felix wrote of, hoping to bring him home. (Jazakullah Khair Almas Aunty for lending us this book!)

In the book Felix visited a medieval castle and posted drawings pictures of what he saw for Sophie. Like Sophie, we too enjoyed looking at pictures of a castle in Cesis, posted online for us by our traveling friends Uzairuddin and Hafsa.

Finally we ended the session by opening up a mailbox in the room, which contained a letter for each member from someone who loved them; their mothers! For some of the children this was the first letter they had ever received.