Friday, June 21, 2013

Sunny Summer Salad

This week the Bookworms decided to take a break from their books and enjoy Allah's blessings on Karachi; our summer season fruits. Our summer heat is perfect for ripening our world famous mangoes as well a variety of juicy, fleshy, sweet and tangy summer salad cocktail fruits. So the Bookworms (under the watchful eyes and gentle guidance of their mothers) gathered in the Pirani kitchen, each family bringing a different fruit, rolled up their sleeves, grabbed a variety of knives and began peeling, chopping, dropping, gigging and sampling an array of fruit which eventually was tossed together to make our Sunny Summer Salad. What did this consist of you wonder? Well make a guess:




To further the fruity fun, some of the younger children had their eyes covered and were made to feel some of the fruit, then asked to describe them and guess their names. The juice from the pineapple and a sprinkle of dried mint for the moms added to the zest of this salad . Unfortunately we don't have a picture to share and words can not describe the glee of the children and the pleasure of their mothers as they literally enjoyed the fruits of their children's labor.

The Fruits:
1.Garma fruit; cantalope
2. lychee
3. Sindhri mango
4. peaches
5. bananas
6. tinned pineapple (not a local fruit but enjoyed locally)

Shaban 1434