Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"The Silver Sword" - 1

Today, our big bookworms started reading a new book - "The Silver Sword" by Ian Serrallier. The introduction to the book from the back cover says: "When the Nazis seize their father and mother, in World War II, the three Balicki children are left to fend for themselves in occupied Poland. Bravely they survive the hardships of war, and never completely lose hope of finding their parents again. This is the exciting story of their quest, of the clever orphan boy Jan who helps them, and of the silver talisman that accompanies them on their dangerous journey."
The little bookworms were busy with the adventures of the famous three bears family and the Goldilocks. No, they didn't read about the Goldilocks - they read about what happened after the Goldilocks had left the bears' house.

As it turned out upon inquirying, all the little bookworms were really well familiar with the story of the Goldilocks and helped Umm Uzair with details about what had happened in the bears' house, when Goldilocks had visited it. The book they read this time was "A Chair for Baby Bear" by Kaye Umansky and Chris Fisher. Now, we won't give you out all the details of the story, in order not to spoil it for you, but we can assure you that the baby bear got a new chair by the end of the book.

After reading the book, little bookworms gave a try to drawing their very own chair for the baby bear - one that they would like to send to him. Have a look at the chairs we've got - don't you think the baby bear would be happy? :)