Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bookworms on Summer Break!

After our grand Bookworms Presentations on May 2, book club is taking a summer break. There are plenty of workshops for kids around the city this summer, Alhamdulillah, so we hope you will keep yourself busy. Plus, if you miss your book club friends, this is a good chance for visiting each other! Check back on our blog for further notices about re-starting of book club in the fall.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bookworms Presentations

Finally the long awaited the has come - bookworms presentations! This week, aunty Hafsa generously hosted all the big crowd (11 families!) in her spacious home. All the kids, not to mention the moms, were very excited, as each family had prepared their very own presentation to present to the group. The presentations were as varied as the families themselves - and that's the fun of homeschooling! We learned about growing a sunflower, we enjoyed a Nasheed on Arabic numerals,  we got to know some new facts on outer space matters, we saw a skit on the common mistakes made in Salah, we watched a Medieval knights tournament, we learned tons of facts on Islamic history and the Khalifa state, we were introduced to the smallest doctor we've ever known, we heard a Nasheed on Hijab and we saw a skit from Islamic history, in which a just ruler killed his own son, in order to implement the justice of Shariah. All of us got also certificates of participation for our efforts!

After the wonderful presentations, we enjoyed a huge pot-luck lunch. All in all, the party was great! Although we feel a bit sad that this meeting was last one of the season (bookworms will be on summer break), we know that we'll be very glad to see all our friends in the fall again, Insha'Allah. Do check back on our blog in a while - we'll have a selection of our presentations day pictures available.