Wednesday, July 7, 2010

20th meeting

Our today's stories: "A Visit to Grandma's" by Nansy Carlson and "Magenta's Tartan Socks" by Nikki Johnston

Today's summary of the book club activities is contributed by Zukhruf and Musab! (Encouragement for the rest of you to follow their example.)

Today at book club, Laila aunty asked us about our grandmothers: when do we visi our grandmother and where do our grand mother live. Wlso talked about the special gifts that the grandmothers gave us.

"A Visit to Grandma's"

Today's story was also about a grandmother that lived in Florida. She had a farm in her old house and everyone liked it very much. But this time, when they went to meet their grandma, she was changed. When they reached grandma’s condo, it was not at all like the old farm. After they reached home, dad said that you will start baking the pies now but grandma said that she would pick some from the shop after aerobics. After aerobics, she called her friends Bill, Vernice and Dorothy over. They played charades until midnight.

The next morning, grandma went for tap-dance and told mum about the healthy shake in the fridge. Every one was waiting for grandma to cook turkey dinner, but she said they will go out to have dinner. After the dinner, they had pies from the bakery and dad liked them more than grandma’s pies. After dinner they used to have sleigh ride in the farm, but this time they had a ride in the car. And they enjoyed it.

"Magenta's Tartan Socks"

Magenta and tartened socks, frilly knickers, and spangly bangles. She also had a little brother.

One proud day she wore her tartan socks down the street. One lady liked her socks and asked her where did she get them from she answered: “My nana brought them from far away across the sea she slugged through swamps and climbed a tree to bring these socks for me.“ The lady was surprised to hear but her little brother said she bought them from the shop.

Another day Magenta wore her frilly knickers a girl liked them and asked where did she get them from and Magenta said: "My nana bought them across the sea she tangled with tigers and bit a flea." The girl said: "Oh really?" But her brother said she bought them from the shop.

Another day she wore her bangles a man asked: "Where did you get these." And she replied: "My nana bought them from far away across the sea she flipped through flowers and stung a bee to bring them to me." The man said: "Oh really?" But her brother said she bought them from the shop.

One day she went down the street with out her beautiful things and her brother and all the people asked: "Where is you brother?" And she said: "He is far away across the sea climbing through tress tangling with tigers to bring a treasure back home to me." Every one answered: "Oh really?" But Magenta’s little brother said: "No, Magenta, I am in the shop."

After the stories, we made special cards for our gradmothers. Those of us, who knew how to write, wrote in their cards, why we felt our gradmothers were special.