Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Eid ul Fitr with Amma Fatima

The Bookworm Book Club resumed today after its Ramadan break. Sister Almas hosted the special Eid party session at her place and had the children involved in its preparation by handing them paper ribbons and balloons. Her family had installed fairy lights over a mirror giving the room a festive look and furthering the children's excitement when Sister Almas read about another Eid party with lights to decorate.       

 Mothers and children alike listened intently to the story Celebrating Eid with Amma Fatima as her family prepared to celebrate Eid with a party, games , tasty food and also special packages for the poor and orphans to make sure they were not forgotten and were able to enjoy this special day too.

 The interactive narration by Sister Almas had the room resonating with takbeer and then followed by an Urdu poem marvelling at the beauty of Allah's creation and the love of the Creator Allah SWT.

 Next the Book club members stretched their limbs to action nursery rhymes and then settled down to some tasty snacks, free play and chatter.
Alhumdulillah what a wonderful beginning to a new club session.

13 Shawwal 1434