Sunday, February 12, 2017

Annual Mela 2016

Living in Karachi keeps most of our Book Worms indoors, out of the sun, delving deeply into our hoards of books, but once the weather gets cooler , the Book Worms are out in the open, making memories, getting messy and having fun! So once the winter was on the outdoor fun began.. firstly with our Annual Mela!

Hosted graciously by Dr. Mehreen Khan, this year to give the Mela a twist, we had a Rainbow theme, each stall represented a different colour of the Rainbow. Needless to say the stalls were radiant; ranging from  games, crafts, earring sales, as well as a magic show courtesy of Hassan and Amina Shaikh (who dressed up as a clown to entertain her fellow Book Worms). Another highlight was an interview of Busy Lil Hands entrepreneurs Haneen Iqbal and Safiyyah Iqbal, conducted by Ayesha Shaikh. Little Sofya Jamal worked hard to set up her stall for a worthy cause, giving herself and her fellow Book Worms the opportunity to help our Syrian brothers and earn a higher rewards as well insha'Allah.

The little ones were handed Book Worms Book play money to spend independently . Subhan'Allah the children do take this quite seriously, counting it, pondering over the cost of items, seeking change...

Jewellery for sale, courtesy Nabeeha Moazzam

Book Worm Moms lay out a spread

A Foodie Fantasy come true!

Who says Blue can"t be a fun colour too?

Going green with DIY bookmarks

Orange you tempted to take a shot at this game?

Yell-owt loud for more fun games!

Busy Lil Hands dishing out the homeschooler enterpruners all started here folks!

Violet wonders

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle! Paint your own bottle. Go Green!

Red-dy for some face painting fun? Let your paintbrush go wild! Or feeling a bit shy? Hide it behind a felt mask you can design for your self.

Yellow making math and learning fun in the sun

Sofya Jamal, encouraging all to help our Syrian brothers and sisters Subhan'Allah
our traditional star attraction : the Jumping Castle

After a day of frolic and fun, the Book Worms wrapped up, cleared up and brought the  Memorable Mela  to its end...until next year insh'Allah

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Funny Bunny Day

Image result for its not easy being a bunny bookAre bunnies spiny and spindly? Are they scaly and cold? No! They're  cute and cuddly, and adorably hug-able! As all the Book Worms Book Clubbers agree, we all love bunnies! Yet we came across a cute little bundle of fur, who did not like bunnies, or rather did not like being one.

Poor little P.J.Funnybunny, he wants more in his life than living with a lot of siblings and eating carrots, and he doesn't like his long ears, and so he goes out into the world to see what he can be...a moose maybe? possibly a  possum? surely a skunk?  Will he ever find whats right for him? Or will he realize its best to be what Allah SWT has chosen you to be? Read the book to find out.

After the giggle filled book, our little Book Worm Hostess Sofia brought out the craft materials she had prepared for us.Her mother Atika Aunty then taught us how to recycle stray, lonely socks into cute bunnies, dolls and mice pin cushions. Easy to make and so much fun. They also shared a specimen of a cotton flower with cotton within it.Followed by snacks and delicious Hyderabadi biryani, it truly was funny bunny day Masha'Allah!


Monday, December 5, 2016

A Fish Out Of Water

 Today the children learned that anything is possible in the world of fiction... so what happens when a little boy by overfeeds his goldfish, in the book A Fish Out Of Water by Helen Palmer? Chaos!
Related image

Our little Book Worm Amina Ahsan tehn helped the club member to make colour paper plate fish ... and voila! we had a homeschoolers school of fish on display, Mash'Allah.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kitty Cat Fun

Image result for a kindle of kittens
Cat is the town cat and is content with her life of roaming the streets and exploring the dustbins, but things change when she has her kindle of kittens. She decides that street life is not for her little ones,  determined to find them good homes she sets out to select human families for them, based on her research of their dustbins.
After listening this this delightful story, Misbah Aunty helped the Book Worms to make their own paper kittens to take home. Everyone helped with rolling up newspapers and the litle ones enjoyed ripping up the paper into shreds too, some managed to help with gluing them together as well. Eventually it was the moms completing the work; that's team work for you!

Going Exploring with Edward

Edward wants to be an explorer, discover new creatures and name them himself. He prepared himself with his net, notebook and backpack and off he went on an adventure. As Edward explored his garden, he heard numerous sounds, which  the Book Worms easily guessed the source of, but much to their surprise, Edward couldn't and he gave each of them a mysterious name.

Image result for edward goes exploring

After enjoying Edward's adventure (written by David Pace), the Book Worms Book Clubbers put together their own felt baskets ready to go exploring themselves insha'Allah!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Boats Afloat

Oh dear, Captain Duck is here! Excitable and uninvited, Captain Duck takes over his friends' boating expedition, leaving behind the Goat, the host of the the trip, as well as a much needed can of petrol.

Following the funny adventures of Jez Alborough's duck, the children tried to float and race their various "boats" (a cup, a plastic ball, a plastic zip lock bag to name a few) though a small "river", by blowing at them through straws. It wasn't easy providing their own wind power, but even the little ones did not give up till they had crossed the finish line!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fall Colours

As the weather in Karachi gets cooler, thoughts and talk about the beautiful fall colours enjoyed by friends outside our country are shared. Today the Book Worms Book Clubbers enjoyed making their own fall coloured leaves to take home. Cut out on foam sheets, the children painted them orange, green, red, brown and yellow: the lovely colours of Autumn leaves.

Image result for percy the park keeper booksFollowing the painting activity, the children settled down to listen to a story about a group of animals and they Park keeper friend Percy. A raging storm not only blows of the colourful leaves off the tree, but uproots an entire tree.. the very tree which was the park animals home. In this disastrous time of need they ask their friend Percy, what to do? With a little ingenuity on his side and a lot of hard work on theirs, the Park inhabitants build themselves a bigger better home, Alhumdulillah!